SharePoint App Development

SharePoint App development with Euvic is a good and safe decision to take as we are an experienced developer of applications extending standard functionality of SharePoint. We can develop:

  • Dedicated SharePoint applications for a given client, distributed outside the Office 365 Marketplace.
  • Universal applications available in the Office 365 Marketplace.
  • SharePoint applications or adjustments that are entered directly into the customer’s SharePoint environment under maintenance/ support contracts.

SharePoint app development is possible thanks to the Cloud App Model that has been introduced in SharePoint 2013. It offers multiple hosting options for your app. Those are: Cloud-hosted (SharePoint-hosted, Autohosted) and Provider-hosted. The Cloud-hosted applications are ideal for simple solutions. On the other hand, the Provider-hosted apps provide unlimited opportunities for computationally complex solutions.

We have created numerous SharePoint apps that are available in the Office Store:


An application that facilitates process of submitting and processing leave requests in the company.


With this application, the HR department can quickly plan and carry out a periodic evaluation.


An app is used to ask anonymous questions to, for example, CEO, the persons responsible for the departments or experts.


An application designed for selling products inside an organization as a great way for exchanging items between co-workers.

No matter what kind of application you need, Euvic will provide you with the top notch SharePoint app development services in the nearshoring or offshoring model.


SharePoint App Development – a case study

“TimeOFF, created by Fild.NET of the Euvic Group, won second prize in Microsoft’s ‘2015 Office App Awards’ competition in the ‘Broadest Distribution’ category for productivity apps.”