FileMaker Development and Consulting

FileMaker development and FileMaker consulting services across multiple platforms in a nearshoring and offshoring model – this is what we offer in this regard. We derive our expertise from our direct co-operation with FileMaker, providing the highest quality FileMaker development services for end customers and for FileMaker developers who need additional resources.

What FileMaker development projects can we do?

Our team of FileMaker consultants and FileMaker programmers can handle projects in FileMaker technology that include:

  • Customization of existing FileMaker solutions,
  • Building new custom FileMaker systems,
  • Upgrade of FileMaker versions,
  • FileMaker web development,
  • FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone development,
  • FileMaker database interface design,
  • FileMaker support.
How do we embark on relationships with our clients?

There are two ways in which we usually cooperate with our outsourcing clients.

  • Simple projects with a very clear brief and no requirements for specific skills related to the client’s methods of work and/or technological environment of the client’s system – if this is the case we simply carry out the projects making use of our knowledge and creativity. We work in close cooperation with the client, taking advantage of direct FileMaker development support if necessary.
  • More advanced projects that require specific skills related to the client’s methods of work and/or technological environment of the client’s system – if this is the case it is crucial that you define your expectations and specifications in a very detailed way. You must understand that we may not be able to meet your requirements right away as your methods of work and/or technological environment of your system are new to us. It takes some time to become familiar with them and it requires rather weeks than days to do so. Therefore, you must invest in us, sharing with us the necessary skills and supporting us in the initial phase of our cooperation. After about 2-3 months we should be ready to meet all your expectations and to work at the same level of efficiency as your internal development teams.
Why build a database solution with FileMaker?

It is true that there are a lot of platforms to build databases on. However, we like FileMaker because it is agile and by using it you can get your database solution up and running in weeks instead of months. The important thing is that you can always add more modules as your business expands or changes.

You should also take into account FileMaker’s excellent reputation of. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest companies, rely on FileMaker software to manage, analyse and share important information. The company offers the FileMaker line of products – versatile business software for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple.

The FileMaker Platform
All the FileMaker custom solutions are built using the FileMaker Platform. It is a complete line of desktop and server software used to design, build, deploy and manage data-driven business solutions for iPad and iPhone. These custom solutions also run on Windows, Mac and in web browsers. Built on a relational database and incorporating a powerful scripting engine and a unified security model, the FileMaker Platform makes it easy to connect to existing business systems, automate business processes and protect confidential data.


The FileMaker Platform consists of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced to design and build custom business solutions, FileMaker Server (with the FileMaker WebDirect function) to manage and deploy them, and the free FileMaker Go client to run the solutions on iPad and iPhone. These solutions also run on Windows, Mac, and in web browsers with little to no modification.

A sample FileMaker PRO page

Whether you want to outsource your entire FileMaker development project to a FileMaker developer or find FileMaker developers or consultants on contract – we have a solution for you!