Mobile App Development – Android, iOS, Windows

Mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows platforms – entrust us to help you create your mobile app! We can design and program mobile apps for Windows Phone, Android (phones and tablets), iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Blackberry. We also create mobile SFA systems and mobile banking systems.

Mobile app development – Android, iOS, Windows

  • We offer comprehensive services – from identifying and understanding business requirements through functional design (separate for each platform) to application interface designing, programming, testing and publishing the app on iTunes or Google Play.
  • For every developed application we issue a warranty for an agreed period within which we ensure application compatibility with new, higher versions of each platform.
  • We can take advantage of the latest technological solutions, such as Augmented Reality (AR), NFC (Near Field Communications) or In app purchasing.
  • We can also join the project as a contractor for only part of the work.

Mobile SFA systems

  • We offer comprehensive development of mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems.

Mobile banking

  • We also have experience in complex mobile banking systems development.

File Maker

  • We offer nearshore and offshore FileMaker development and FileMaker consulting services across multiple platforms.
  • We derive our expertise from our direct co-operation with FileMaker, providing the highest quality FileMaker development services for end customers and for FileMaker developers who need additional resources.


Selected projects


A mobile banking
system for BPH
(Android, iOS)

the biggest Polish dating site


Onet News
an app for the largest Polish news site
(Android, Windows Phone)


Kontakt 24
a news reporting app for TVN (one of the largest Polish TV stations)


An app for the Tatra National Park


Mot Wordz
a multi-lingual digital dictionary


An app promoting Chevrolet Spark on the UAE market
on the UAE market
(Android, iOS)


An app for the Researchers’
Night of the Silesian University of Technology
(Android, iOS)


Night of the Silesian University of Technology
(Android, Windows Phone)


A compendium of knowledge about medicines for doctors