Jeeves ERP – Support & Integration

jeeves-logoJeeves ERP integration and support services represent an important area of Euvic’s offering. We have extensive experience in providing Jeeves-related services, gained while working for many companies using this excellent ERP system.

What Is Jeeves ERP?

Jeeves Information Systems, commonly known as Jeeves, is one the fastest growing ERP systems in the world. Jeeves is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 5 to +1,000 employees. The system is designed for retail, manufacturing and service companies. To accommodate the needs of both smaller and larger enterprises, Jeeves is offered in two versions  – Jeeves Selected for small businesses, and Jeeves Universal for medium-sized ones. Both those products work on the same IBM X Series platform and use the Microsoft SQL database structure and the Microsoft technology stack.

Jeeves ERP Key Features

Jeeves ERP is a comprehensive ERP system with a variety of functions:

  • CRM system to monitor contacts, sales and campaigns
  • Sophisticated accounting to handle the general ledger, payables and receivables
  • Inventory tracking at multiple locations and usage planning
  • Purchasing – support for multiple price lists, quotes and invoice matching
  • Manufacturing planning and execution

Jeeves Integration and Jeeves Support

Jeeves ERP can easily exchange information and interact with other systems. Jeeves integration is quite easy and flexible and can be carried out using many proven interfaces that populate the database directly, such as EDI, banking systems, eSales storefronts etc. The Jeeves integration interfaces are based on standards like EDI, Text and XML files, Actice(X)COM, .NET.

Euvic is a practitioner in using all of these Jeeves integration interfaces and standards. We can also offer you high quality Jeeves support services on a cost-effective nearshore basis.