Google Cloud Integration – Revolutionary iPaaS

Google-Integration-iPaaS-Google-CloudGoogle cloud integration is a good idea if you don’t like any of the existing cloud integration solutions because you want something smarter, cheaper and more flexible. Our product – Cooperation534 – is the first ever Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) based on Google Cloud. It is designed to combine Cloud, SaaS and On-Premise applications. Using it you will pay even 20 times less and you will be able to integrate your systems with much more ease than using our competitors’ solutions.

Cooperation534 iPasS has been built on the Google App Engine platform for the development and hosting of our application. In turn, we have used Google Cloud Storage as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for data storage and Google BigQuery for data analysis.

Google-Integration-Cooperation534-Platform-Architecture Figure 1 – Cooperation534 iPasS platform architecture

Cooperation 534 greatly facilitates application integration. To this end we apply a process consisting of three simple entities: 1) Input connector – gets the data from the source application, 2) Mapper – transforms the data to the format used by the target application, 3) Output connector – sends the transformed data to the target application.

Google-Integration-Cooperation534-Integration-Process Figure 2 – Application integration using Cooperation534 iPaaS platform

Our Google Cloud-based iPaaS tool holds a set of connectors such as REST, Google BigQuery, Web Form, Google Apps Spreadsheet, XML, CSV and DBF which support HTTP and e-mail transport protocols. Several new connectors are under development.

Cooperation534 iPaaS is being developed by our dedicated team of Google cloud integration enthusiasts. Wabt to find out more? Contact us now.