Why Agile software development

Why Agile software development? There are at least two important reasons for that: digital business pressure and the need to respond to unpredictability in software development projects.

Digital business pressure

  • Agile software development has become increasingly popular among companies throughout the world as most of them want to accelerate the digital business transformation by taking advantage of the new digital solutions which must be developed rapidly and in a changing environment. The Agile framework seems to be an obvious one to choose for such projects.
  • When using Agile software development, project teams are focused on the delivery of functioning software components immediately upon their completion – typically within 2-4 week increments. This is much faster than in the traditional waterfall approach. 


Responding to unpredictability

  • Agile development – with its frequent releases – helps project teams respond to unpredictability and late/changing requirements during the project by delivering working software frequently.
  • Early and continuous delivery of useful software ensures customer satisfaction and helps to achieve business goals.

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