What is an agile project?

What is an Agile project? The simple answer is that it is a project based on the principles of Agile project management, such as SCRUM. The basis of this framework is the assumption that the knowledge comes from experience and decisions should be based on what is known. For that reason Scrum employs an iterative, incremental approach to software development to optimize predictability, control risks and continuously improve the development process.


  • In the Scrum framework all the software development work is divided into sprints. Each sprint maybe considered a project with no more than a one-month horizon.
  • A sprint includes the definition of what is to be constructed, a design and a flexible plan that will guide the construction, the work, and the resultant product, the so-called increment which has to be in a useable condition at the end of the sprint.

Project Team

  • Sprints are carried out by the project team. It should be self-organizing and cross-functional. It means that the team should be able to choose by itself how best to accomplish its goal and should have all the competencies needed to do so, without being directed or depending on others who are not part of the team.
  • The project team is comprised of the Product Owner, the Development Team and the Scrum Master.


Onsite and/or offsite project implementation

  • You can use the Agile software development approach for both your onsite and offsite projects.

Simplified Master Service Agreement (MSA)

  • You can simplify cooperation with your provider and treat each sprint as a separate task order or work order under an MSA, with the sprint goal documented in a Statement of Work.

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