Sprint as a Service

You can hire our developers as a self-managing Agile team to deliver a specific feature or a set of features of your app within one or more sprints. You can also use the hired team/s to deliver the whole app if you are content with the quality of their work.

What is a sprint?

  • In the Scrum framework all the software development work is divided into sprints. Each sprint maybe considered a project with no more than a one-month horizon.
  • A sprint includes the definition of what is to be constructed, a design and a flexible plan that will guide the construction, the work, and the resultant product, the so-called increment which has to be in a useable condition at the end of the sprint.
  • When using Sprint-based Agile software development, project teams are focused on the delivery of functioning software components immediately upon their completion – typically within 2-4 week increments. This is much faster than in the traditional waterfall approach.



Roles included in the Agile team

  • With our Sprint as a Service,you can take advantage of a complete Agile team for period of a sprint.
  • The team is self-organizing and cross-functional. It means that it is able to choose by itself how best to accomplish its goal and have all the competencies needed to do so, without being directed or depending on others who are not part of the team.
  • The team consists of all roles needed to interact with project manager or product owner at the client’s side, including Scrum master, Developers and Testers.

DevOps-oriented roles

  • If the team is to develop an already operating system, we can also assign additional DevOps-oriented team members such as:
    • Release Engineer – an expert in the continuous deployment toolchain, managing release workflow
    • Performance Engineer – responsible for collecting nonfunctional requirements, adding performance testing to automated test jobs where possible and ensuring automated collection of application performance data

Simplified Master Service Agreement (MSA)

  • Each sprint can be treated as a separate task order or a work order under an MSA, with the sprint goal documented in a Statement of Work.

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