KPI for software development

KPI for software development can help you measure the effectiveness of your software developers. That is why while delivering your idea using the Agile Dev Factory approach, we work according to your requirements and specification as regards KPIs. Examples of KPIs for software development we can use are listed below.

Service Metric name
Development Velocity; Story cycle time; Estimation Accuracy; Quality of Development; Quality of Code
Testing Customer acceptance testing (CAT) cycle time; Defects per release cycle; Defects per story point; Test cases run; Design Efficiency; Design On–Time Delivery; Defects Rejection Rate; Post Production Test Efficiency
Incident Management Incidents Responded to within the SLO Target; Incidents Resolved within the SLO Target; Incidents Open for longer than 90 days; First Contact Resolution Rate; Incidents Open for longer than 30 Days;
Change Management Timely Delivery, Change Success
Request Management Open Requests Older than 90 days; Request Fulfillment Rate
Problem Management Pending Candidates older than 2 weeks
Migrations Percentage of completed migrations; Migrations completed in less than 8 working hours; All Overdue migrations; Overdue migrations by technical team; Number of migrations per person; Number of migrations per path; Pending migrations; Upcoming migrations; Capacity allocation

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