Knowledge Management & Cooperation

Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge. We use a number of tools and technics to support knowledge management as well cooperation with the client and between our onsite and offsite teams.

Core elements in Agile Development Factory to support knowledge management and cooperation Software we use to support knowledge management and cooperation
  • Knowledge base – a repository for structured assets such as Word documents, presentations, PDFs and spreadsheets.
  • Publishing Knowhow – knowledge that needs to be widely disseminated, that is accurate, and that is subject to change. Also, it is managed on a Wiki and a Blog.
  • People Discovery – the ability to find quickly the needed expertise stored in the heads of all the members of our organization (even outside the project).
  • Messaging & Discussions – we have the ability to gather many opinions and have our experts answer questions rapidly through.
  • Kanban, OnTime Scrum or Jirra – using this potent tool, we can easily manage product backlogs; organize products, versions, and sprints; automate process with workflows; and perform many more actions.
  • To gather project documentation, collaboration, and communication we normally us Microsoft SharePoint and Google+ corporate.

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