Enduro is a challenge and excitement, so we are happy to support two great athletes in this discipline: Oskar Kaczmarczyk oraz Alfredo Gomez.

  • Alfredo Gomez – regular on the enduro podium. In 2012 he became the Junior Spanish Champion. He won such stops as Ukupacha Extreme, Xtreme XL de Lagares (twice) and became one of the five winners of the Red Bull Hare Scramble in 2015. Currently he is a Red Bull KTM Factory player.
  • Oskar Kaczmarczyk – born in March 31, 1997. He lives, learns and trains in Nowy Targ. He has been riding a motorbike for 5 years and is constantly improving his skills. From the very beginning of his career, he has taken top positions in Trial and Superenduro. In 2015 he became the vice-champion of Polish Superenduro.