Software Development

Software development services provided by us include the following areas:

Custom software development

We offer cost-effective custom software development and support. We can develop your system using:

  • Major programming languages: .NET, Java, C++, Oracle, PL/SQL, Flex, Delphi;;
  • Development environments: Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans;
  • Programming frameworks: Struts, Spring
  • Build automation tools: Ant, Maven, Hudson;
  • Creating installation programs: Visual Studio, Ant Installer;
  • Virtualization technologies: VMWare, Hyper-V;
  • Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MySQL;
  • Access to databases (ORM): EntityFramework, Hibernate, NHibernate, JDBC, JPA, Envers, LiquiBase
  • Implementation of network services (web services): AXIS, JAX-WS;

Mobile application development

  • We design and program mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry. We also create mobile SFA systems and mobile banking systems.

Desktop application development

  • We create desktop applications, such as transactional systems, accounting systems, data entry systems, Point of Sale and Customer Service work automation systems.
  • We program these applications using e.g. Microsoft WinForms Java Swing/AWT. We also offer: interface design, application testing, installation on users’ computers, training and support.

Web software development

  • We can create e.g. web portals, e-commerce systems, e-learning systems and dedicated financial systems.
  • We create graphic design, implement software, provide technical support.
  • We use the following technologies: ASP.NET, WebForms, JSP, JSF, GWT, JavaScript, PHP.

Loyalty schemes

  • We have developed a set of components making up the universal platform that provides comprehensive support of loyalty schemes.
  • The platform, constructed in client-server architecture, can be adapted to the needs of each company offering loyalty schemes.

Software migration

  • We update business applications to the latest technologies, rewriting them with e.g. .NET or Java EE.
  • We have a lot of tools that automate the migration process which reduces the cost and accelerates the project.