IT Outsourcing

You don’t have IT specialists? The recruitment process is too time-consuming and expensive? Choose IT outsourcing, that is subcontracting during the IT projects. The service consists in hiring IT specialists who deal with the implementation of part or the whole of an IT project.

Our IT outsourcing offer encompasses the following services:

Benefits of IT Outsourcing with Euvic
  • You can quickly expand your human resources
  • You can significantly reduce your IT staff overheads in the long run
  • Access to highly qualified and specialised engineering staff
  • Short project start-up time, significantly shorter than in the case of a process based on the recruitment of one's own resources
  • No need for post-project downsizing
  • Reduced hardware and infrastructure-related expenditure and lower personnel management costs
  • Reduced project failure risk
  • Possibility of part-time collaboration with consultants
  • Added value resulting from the collaboration with Euvic: sales-related support in the local market, free-of-charge consultancy rendered by professionals from outside the basic team, access to numerous licenses, hardware or business contacts.