Implementation Services

We implement the solutions of leading suppliers in the field of Business Intelligence (BI), cloud computing and ERP. Our offer includes:

  • Configuring the software according to your requirements and the possible development of additional features to adapt the software to your needs.
  • Installing the software in your company's IT environment, including on workstations.
  • Users training.
  • Software support.
Business Intelligence (BI)

We implement Business Intelligence tools, providing you with the ability to analyse data from all systems to monitor your company’s operations. We can provide this information, so far as necessary, to all employees via corporate portals.



Cloud computing

We offer cloud enablement services for all or selected IT systems running in your organization, along with installing or updating software on workstations and technical support.




We implement, develop and provide technical support for the ERP systems of leading suppliers.


Scandinavian Technologies

Thanks to the numerous projects carried out on the Scandinavian market we have a thorough knowledge of the systems popular there, such as EPI Server, Jeeves ERP or inRiver.