Bimodal Software Development – Mode 1 and Mode 2

Bimodal software development (Mode 1 vs. Mode 2) is Gartner’s concept of managing two separate but coherent styles of work. Mode 1 is focused on predictability, Mode 2 on exploration. Based on Gartner’s bimodal delivery model our genes (exploratory, agility, flexibility) fit Mode 2 best. By building long-lasting relationships we get involved also in more waterfall and plan-driven projects, using Agile and DevOps principles.

We are agile and Mode 2 company

Mode 2 is predominantly about agility, speed and creativity, the words that are not traditionally associated with the IT department. With Euvic, however, you will meet the challenges of Mode 2 software development, being able to transform your business ideas into applications quickly and cost-efficiently.

Entrepreneurial and experimental work

We deliberately duplicate existing IT efforts at some stages of the development work to deliver to you the best possible output. For example, we can use 2-3 different teams consisting of 2-3 different programmers and an analyst brainstorming separately in the initial phase of the project. Thus we can create 2-3 different mock-ups of a solution for you to choose from. Such an approach is useful particularly while working on projects with changing and not-entirely defined business requirements. We accept that you can have just an idea for your application. We are here to help you to deliver it through experimenting and adjusting to your clients’ changing needs.

Fail fast/ Fail cheap mentality

Mode 2 software development is also about being able to accept that sometimes things just don’t work out. For this reason our duplicated work output is evaluated by a separate cross-functional team of business and IT people. They can quickly test new digital ideas and iterate them toward the perfect business solution, at the same time abandoning projects that are not working, failing fast and cheap. In this way we reduce risks for your company while keeping potential business impact high.

Our Mode 2 approach to project implementation is supported by agile methods of project management. In particular we can work based on the Scrum framework.