Types of IT Outsourcing & Pricing Models

Types of IT outsourcing and IT outsourcing pricing models we provide include fixed price projects, T&M projects, body leasing/ staff augmentation, SLA agreements and other. Find out in what ways you can collaborate with us.

Fixed price projects
  • The service price is determined at the beginning of the project based on the requirements specification. Also a timetable for implementation is agreed as well as payment stages and other terms of cooperation.
  • The responsibility for the correct estimation of the amount of work within the project, for the provision of adequate infrastructure and a competent team as well as for the implementation within the agreed time limit rests with Euvic.
Time&Material (T&M) projects
  • You pay for the working time of Euvic’s team, usually on an hourly or daily basis. The service is billed on the basis of a list of hours (or days) worked by the team.
  • The rate includes all costs associated with the work of an employee (salary, office space and service, hardware, software, etc.).
Body leasing/ Staff augmentation
  • You specify the requirements for the staff to carry out your project and Euvic presents candidates. The team assembled in this way is put at your disposal and performs the tasks assigned by you.
  • Euvic is responsible for ensuring the availability of the team, providing the infrastructure needed to carry out the work and tools for precise work time reporting. You manage the operational activities of the team by yourself.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • You can report incidents (including errors) concerning the applications covered by your SLA. You are also guaranteed the of availability of specialists able to solve the reported incidents within the specified time, telephone support (hotline), consultation services regarding the operation of the system and its monitoring (to prevent accidents).
  • You can hire a consultant with the necessary experience and knowledge to develop system architecture specification, select the optimal licensing options for products and services of various IT vendors and obtain EU funding, to name a few possibilities.
Licensing own software components
  • This form of cooperation allows you to use our ready-made software components, previously created by Euvic.
Project consortium
  • You can invite us to take part in a consortium to carry out large and complex projects in a specific area of competence.
Remote and onsite cooperation
  • We work both onsite, at our clients’ offices, as well as remotely, at our own offices, often also on a mixed basis.