Agile IT services – how to choose the best provider

Need agile IT services and wondering how to choose the best provider? The best choice for an agile IT services provider is usually not a traditional large vendor but a smaller company that has Agile in its DNA. According Gartner, software development providers can be split into categories: 1) Agile pure play, 2) Hybrid, 3) Opportunistic Vendors – Wannabes, 4) Large SI.

Source: Gartner Presentation, How to Source an Agile Development Project, Gilbert van der Heiden, 1-2 June 2015

Euvic is an example of a hybrid vendor. We have Agile in our DNA and feel comfortable with the waterfall approach.

Choose vendors with Agile DNA

  • If you have experience in Agile projects management and your project is a small one, you should select a pure Agile or a hybrid vendor.
  • If you don’t feel perfectly comfortable with the Agile way of development, it is best to choose a hybrid vendor.

Download also the white paper “Agile Software Development with Scrum” to find out how we apply the best Scrum practices to our Agile development projects.