Distributed Agile Application Development

Distributed agile application development with Euvic increases enterprise IT agility. You can have our cost-effective agile team members working for you both onsite (from our local-based delivery centre) and offsite, depending on their role and current project needs. We manage the agile team/s and scale out agile projects using the following frameworks.

Scrum and scaled agile frameworks – our preferred methods of project management
  • Our preferred method of project management is Scrum. We have dozens of interdisciplinary teams of 3-9 staff, led by experienced Scrum Masters. For larger projects these teams can work together using the Scrum of scrums, LeSS or SAFe scaled agile framweworks.
  • We are also comfortable using the waterfall approach for projects with a scope of work clearly defined before their launch
  • We also use the Prince 2 and Prince 2 Agile framweworks for larger projects, mostly working for clients accustomed to it and expecting their IT partner to be familiar with it.
  • However, to all clients who are not able to define all the requirements for software at the beginning and who know that these requirements may change during the project, we recommend the agile approach.
Multiple strategies of project management
  • We can also carry out projects applying multiple strategies to meet our client’s requirements (e.g. as to the fixed price).
  • For example, when working on financial projects we usually apply the combination of:
    • a waterfall strategy for the regulated part
    • a more iterative strategy for the business process part
    • and the agile project management approach for the consumer part
  • In this way we are able to deliver faster results in the more undefined part of the project, while working on a waterfall basis in its regulated part.
  • As we are an agile organization it is very easy for us to switch to an agile approach in complex projects to meet your needs and deliver faster results despite changing requirements because this the way of working we prefer and usually apply.

Manage our agile developers by yourself

  • When cooperating with us, it is also a common scenario for the client to independently manage the outsourced developers. If this is the case, our developers work according to any methodology preferred by the client, drawing on their knowledge about how to operate in agile/ Prince 2/ waterfall projects.

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