Customer Value

Easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce

Euvic affords you easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce, listening and willing to adapt to your needs. You can take advantage of our developers based in Poland to obtain development resources each time you need them and suspend their usage at any time.

Over 1,500 of developers skilled in many technologies

You can use us to streamline software development as well as software support and maintenance in your organization. Our developers are highly skilled in .NET, Java, Mobile App Development, Cloud Enablement & Development, Application Integration using several platforms (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Tibco, Software AG), development management, quality assurance, testing and support of existing applications in virtually any technology. The developers’ competencies are confirmed by their numerous certificates, including from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP and EMC.

The developers at your disposal are recruited among the best specialists available on the market. We also have access to the direct support of the largest IT technology providers and can draw on the knowledge of the developers’ community, being its active member. Among our 800 .NET developers there are 2 MVPs and we have a formal programme of supporting and compensating our team members that are active in the developer community. Our goal is to have 4 MVPs and 4 Java Rockstars and Champions (in our team of 700 Java developers) by the end of 2016.

The programmers you need at once and as effective as your own IT department

You can bring any technology challenge to Euvic and there is always a team member among our staff to meet the current needs of your project development. We do not have to look for people from outside and hire them as we already have a large number of specialists with many varied skill sets. Thus we can respond to your needs within a very short time from the moment you initiate the contact.

We also have procedures and working practices in place that enable us to quickly learn your methods of work and/or the technological environment of your system. In this way we can not only provide you with the right people at once, but within 2-3 months we also will make them ready to meet all your expectations regarding even the most complex systems and to work at the same level of efficiency as your internal development teams.

Experience and knowledge how to derisk projects

What makes our people even more useful to you is the fact that you are not hiring just a few of them, but choosing to work with us you get access to the experience and knowledge of the whole organization. This is possible because our delivery teams continuously share their experience during our internal architectural reviews and code analysis meetings, communicating and collaborating with their peers using our internal network.

The collaboration is ensured by our working methods, involving the creation of adequate documentation, the use of appropriate tools and compliance with safety rules. All this to eliminate dependence on any individual in the project and to address concerns over the security threats and vulnerabilities.

One partner for many projects – peace of mind

The more projects you will entrust us with, the bigger benefits you will achieve, including the biggest one – peace of mind. Working on many interlinked projects, we take responsibility for all of them, coordinating the whole work. If there are any problems in the projects, we take care of them. Having all the needed information at hand, we are able to solve them much faster and with minimal involvement of your IT staff. As a result, you are able to provide IT solutions to business faster and without heavy workload.

Proactive approach and flexibility

Your cooperation with us will be based on the rules of service-mindedness, open communication, proactive approach and flexibility. In this way you should soon find out that it is very easy to work with us and that we can contribute strongly to making your business more cost-efficient and agile.