Euvic Group

The Euvic Group is a unique, fascinating business concept. For the first time in this part of Europe, a group of entrepreneurs have shown that they can reach compromises and work together to build a new entity, giving up part of their independence in the name of common interest.

The owners of several companies with complementary offerings and experience created the Euvic Group, whose goal is to ensure the gradual merger of all the companies into one entity, Euvic, as well as floating on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the coming years.


It was rightly assumed that only the establishment of concrete, capital-based links between companies will provide a reliable basis for the joint implementation of numerous projects. The axis around which this new entity is being built is the largest company — LGBS Polska, responsible for just over half of the entire Group’s revenues. The project of linking companies was divided into two stages so that it was possible to halt the integration at any one of the stages, if necessary.

Until now, LGBS has acquired a majority stake in several technology companies, now members of the Euvic Group. All transactions were based on the Group’s own resources, without the participation of equity investors or bank loans. This would not be possible without solid economic foundations, as well as the long-term relationships, integrity, honesty, and commitment of key managers of individual companies who as a team represent a huge asset for the new organization.

Knowledge and experience gained in corporations, hundreds of projects completed for various types of businesses, great success in recruitment, numerous projects completed abroad as well as a thorough knowledge of their own organizations ensure the success of Euvic’s clients.

Members of our group


Euvic – (previously LGBS Sp. z o.o.) the largest company in the group, focuses on outsourcing projects and offers the outsourcing of specialists, projects and maintenance of IT systems.


LG Nexera AG – is one of the three founders of Euvic and has it’s headquarter in Vienna. LG NEXERA is one of the leading suppliers of time management systems and mobile solutions for fieldworkers of enterprises, with a total of more than 150.000 users.


Omnis Sp. z o.o. – the company implements ERP systems, also in the field of data warehousing and business intelligence, systems integration, delivery of IT infrastructure and Oracle technology.


IT-DEV Sp. z o.o. – the company is one of the leaders of the Polish market as regards creating intranets, solutions to facilitate workflow and information management based on MS SharePoint.


X-Code Sp. z o.o. – the company provides comprehensive software development services, offers outsourcing of IT professionals, creates solutions to support management and communication.


Speednet Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in web solutions and mobile applications. For more than 14 years Speednet has been offering dedicated software production services and IT professionals outsourcing, successfully provided its help to customers in Poland and in foreign markets. The company currently employs more than 90 staff, including backend and frontend developers, mobile applications developers, UX / UI designers, testers, project managers and business analysts. Its clients include both international corporations and innovative start-ups. Speednet develops software and provides staff for the banking, insurance, logistics, commercial, medical, media, social media and entertainment industry.


Internetium Sp.z o.o. – the company specializes in the architecture of business solutions based on .NET technology and also produces software, mainly for banks and insurers.


HYCOM S.A. – creates and helps to use the most sophisticated, professional and customized omnichannel e‑commerce solutions.


Bonair – a company specializing in the implementation of domain systems for the financial sector as well as Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM for the manufacturing, service and administration industries


IT WORKS– świadczy usługi pełnozakresowego i selektywnego outsourcingu IT takie jak service desk i wsparcie użytkowników, administracja systemami i aplikacjami, monitoring infrastruktury i systemów oraz hosting i kolokacja. IT WORKS to także profesjonalny dostawca usług w modelu chmurowym, specjalista w zakresie audytów bezpieczeństwa IT oraz dostawca autorskiego narzędzia do zarządzania procesami biznesowymi klasy ITSM ATMOSFERA®.


iFormation specializes in acquiring and delivering big IT projects. Our delivery teams are mainly based on resources and competences offered by Euvic technology group. The management of iFormation emphasizes the need to use the experience gathered during various software implementation projects involving industrial solutions. Company supports mostly companies operating outside of Poland, mainly within European Union.