Other Actions

  • We recently welcomed a special couple of dancers – Kasia Błoch is a disabled person, but it doesn’t prevent her from pursuing her passion, and together with Marek Zaborowski, they have been representing Poland for 14 years in dance competitions around the world. Their titles include the Champions of Poland 2014, 2015 and 2016, the 2016 World Cup in Holland, gold, silver and bronze medals of the 2016 European Championships and three gold and one silver medals in the 2017 Polish Cup. Impressed by their talent and determination, we decided to help Kasia and Marek in the German Championship in June, from where the pair returned with four medals: gold in freestyle, solo women and latino combi and silver in the standard! Currently under our wings, the dancers are preparing for the World Cup, which will take place in October – we support them and we are confident that they will come back with even bigger bunch of medals.
  • This year we organized our blood donation campaign for the first time. Our employees donated hundreds of litres of blood as part of the Regional Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Center in Katowice. We are convinced that donating blood to save health and human life will become a new tradition of our company.

  • Łukasz is our Technical Leader. Unfortunately, in September his dad had an accident that resulted in mobility problems. We decided to help Łukasz and his dad!

  • Since February 2009 Euvic has been supporting Daria Sadokierska who 5 years earlier lost her sister in a traffic accident and was badly injured herself. Today, Daria is able to speak again (after 11 months of silence) and to walk (a bit unsteadily, but on her own). In the future, she would like to train to be an art therapist and help children. To make her dreams come true Daria needs intense rehabilitation and follow-up treatment.
  • We have also supported:


  • In Kindergarten No. 93 in Katowice Kindergarten No. 93 in Katowice „Computer and Me”. We provided financial support to the facility and in return we received beautiful works by kindergarten children. Their imagination and talent are second to none. It turned out that the children had a lot to say about our industry.


  • We also sponsored awards for the winners of the 10th Kindergarten Integration Sports Competitions.

    By providing financial support we increased the value of prizes for all the participating children. The excitement surrounding the competitions was great and the joy of the small athletes priceless!

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