Visionary of ICT

The Economic European Congress on April 21, 2015 was accompanied by an official ceremony during which Wojciech Wolny, CEO at Euvic, received an award in a competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in the category “Visionary of ICT”. Thank you very much


The award from the Nielsen Norman Group (NN / g) for creating the best intranet of 2015 for the TAURON Group

The intranet of the TAURON Group – built on top of SharePoint 2013 by IT-Dev Sp. z o.o (from the Euvic Group) and EDISONDA Studio – has been recognized as one of the ten best intranets of 2015. This award was won in the prestigious competition organized by the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).


“Entrepreneur of the Year 2014” Nomination for Wojciech Wolny

Wojciech Wolny – founder and CEO of Euvic as well as the originator of the idea to create the Euvic Group – was included in the prestigious group of fourteen entrepreneurs nominated for the title of “the Entrepreneur of the Year 2014” in a competition organized by Ernst & Young.

For the business community “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” is the most prestigious competition in Poland and in the world. Even nomination in this competition is a huge honour and it can be compared only to Oscar nominations in the film industry.


11th place of LGBS in the Deloitte Fast 50

15th edition of the Deloitte Fast 50 confirmed that we are among the fastest growing companies in Central Europe!


Leader of Entrepreneurship 2013

LGBS received this award for its outstanding achievements in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets as well as for competently using the EU funds earmarked for development.


A company with a global vision

The project “Polish Champion”, initiated by the consulting firm PWC and led by Ryszard Petru, aims to support Polish entrepreneurs in their foreign investments.

LGBS Poland was awarded this prestigious title this year.

Companies participating in the program “Polish Champion” must have at least a few locations across Europe and a global strategy.


The highest quality of LGBS’ services confirmed with a unique emblem

Very few companies can pride themselves in consistent achievements at the highest level on a global scale. LGBS proudly boasts a place in this small group of organisations. This accomplishment has also been recognized by the Business Forum which has granted to our company the “Highest Quality, Quality International 2012” emblem, in the category of QI Services – services of the highest quality.

The award is so prestigious also because it is granted under the patronage of such organizations as:

  • the Ministry of Regional Development,
  • the Polish Forum ISO 9000,
  • the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


We are among the fastest growing companies in Central Europe.

LGBS Poland ranks sixth in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE competition. This is yet another signal confirming our high standards and ambition within the technology industry. We are extremely proud but endeavour to continue striving for recognition on a global scale.


A diamond is always special… especially if awarded by Forbes

Forbes Diamond is an award that honours fast company value growth. In 2016, our company won this prestigious award.


Leading in Business at the graceful yet remarkable pace of a gazelle

The exceptional rate of Euvic’s expansion has already been confirmed five times in the Business Gazelle competition. Our company received this prestigious statuette five times in a row, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and also in 2016. According to “Puls Biznesu” Euvic deserves special attention first of all owing to its cutting edge product and services offerings that rival those of our larger counterparts in the industry.


Good Employer 2012

In 2012 LGBS was awarded the title of the “Good employer – Leader of Corporate Social Responsibility”. The award confirms our status as a reliable company sensitive to the needs of those around it and worth working for.