About Euvic

Euvic is Poland’s leading IT service provider that can help you to make your business more cost-efficient and agile. We achieve this goal by affording you easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce of over 1,500 programmers. The developers at your disposal are proficient in many different technologies and can work as efficiently as your internal IT department. We have the knowledge and experience of how to smoothly implement IT projects that you choose to outsource to our organization.

Our history

Our story began in December 2004, when LGBS Poland was founded. From the beginning, our core business has been software development based on Microsoft technologies, with particular emphasis on business, integration and mobile solutions. Over time, in line with the expectations of our business partners, we have added more technologies, services and products to our offer.

In 2010 LGBS Poland started to implement the strategy of building a capital group, acquiring stakes in leading Polish technology companies with complementary offers. Some of these companies decided to merge with LGBS into a single company whose name was changed to Euvic in 2015. The company continues its strategy of building a strong group which operates under the name of the Euvic Group.



The Euvic Group

The Euvic Group we created is the largest federation of IT companies in Central Europe. It is made up of several companies with complementary offerings and experience that can reach compromises and work together to build a new entity, giving up part of their independence in the name of common interest.

Agile software development specialization

We are committed to ensuring that our organizational culture is permeated with flexibility, openness, the need for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business and willingness to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Flexibility in operation translates into how we implement projects and into the use of Agile methods in software development.

Our offer

At present our offer includes a full range of services for clients both in Poland and abroad: IT outsourcing, or subcontracting during the implementation of IT projects, software development, application testing, implementation services, integration projects, IT Help Desk (including technical support and software maintenance).

Market position

Today, Euvic is a reliable, flexible, stable, experienced and rapidly evolving partner with a diversified portfolio of orders. We cooperate with more than 900 clients around the world who bought from us services worth over €28 million (or $31.3 million) in 2014. Our market position is confirmed by our partnerships with the largest IT companies in the world and our membership in many professional organizations. Our high competence level is also reflected in numerous certificates i awards.